Keynote Speaker

Gary Anaka


Gary is the top Brain-Based Learning facilitator in British Columbia today. He has been a certified facilitator since 1997, receiving on-going training from the Jensen Learning Corporation, a world leader in teacher training in the new field of Applied Educational Neuroscience.

Gary is a dynamic public speaker, famous for his audience engagement, energetic and lively sessions. His presentations are always filled with humour and optimism to support everyone, from babies to seniors, to become life long learners, and to maintain a healthy brain throughout one's life. His practical suggestions, whether about how the brain learns or how to stay healthy, can be applied immediately in any work or life situation.

He is a motivational speaker and teacher, from the classroom to the conference keynote level, whose sessions have been called, both professionally and personally, life changing.


Conference Speakers

Brad Buie


Brad Buie was born and raised in Victoria, BC. He is passionate about continuous learning, having worked in higher education for many years at the University of Victoria's Office of Vice-President Research. He is a writer, speaker and teacher on communication and learning.

Jennifer Gibson


Jennifer Gibson MA, the Coordinator of Community Education Services with ISHS, is a professional sexual health educator whose knowledge, sense of humour, enthusiasm, and comfort level give her the unique ability to make sexual health education accessible and easy to relate to.

Most often referred to as “The Sex Lady” by youth participants, Jennifer believes in making sexual health education relevant, accessible, and fun for all participants. She also believes that effective sexual health education combines factual information with humour and pop culture. Jennifer is passionate about creating space for every person to become comfortable with and knowledgeable about sexual health. These principles form the foundation for all of her workshops.

Lyndze Harvey


Lyndze Harvey is a Doctoral Candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. She returned to academics after more than a decade of spending time with children in traditional classrooms, daycares, recreation, and in outdoor education.

Her research and writing is focused on the philosophy of education, but she remains engaged in the everyday reality of education and parenting. Rather than avoiding or separating her work from the theories and practices in contemporary Canadian classroom and families, Lyndze seeks to provide an ‘interruption’ to well-established ways of thinking and doing teaching and parenting with careful questioning and relatable storytelling.

Lyndze has spoken to both academic and community-based audiences on the topic of ‘Letting Go’ and teacher and parent empowerment, which is based off of her thesis work, entitled Letting Go: A Departure from Liberal Moral Education, Embracing Teacher Transformation, & Evolving Pedagogies of Resistance (2015). Her current research interests involve critical and philosophical questions surrounding the self-regulation movement in schools and parenting, as well as democratic learning and teaching.

Her influences and inspirations are Paulo Freire, bell hooks, Jacques Rancière, and her partner and two young children.

Kathy Lynn


Kathy is an accredited educator, holding the Certified Canadian Family Educator accreditation. Her presentations at conferences, workshops and in the workplace are dynamic and upbeat with her quickly gaining her audience’s confidence. Her expertise helps them to uncover their child’s and family challenges and develop workable proven solutions.

Kathy recognizes that raising children today is much different than when we were raised. She wants parents to have access to as much information as possible on the many forms child raising can take so they can provide the best help for their child and choose the child-raising strategies that will work best for them. Kathy is uniquely suited to speak to this issue. Her parents died when she was young and she was then adopted and raised by different parents in a different city. She learned that there is not any automatic way to raise children. She will help you to choose your child raising strategy based on solid parenting practices.

She brings a wealth of well-rounded experience and sound expertise offering invaluable strategies and practical solutions to the many problems parents face every day. She has been speaking to this issue since 1978.

Rich McCue


Rich McCue manages the Digital Scholarship Commons in the University of Victoria Libraries system. Some of his research interests include, Maker pedagogy, open pedagogy, visual thinking/note taking, knowledge management tools, video reflection tools, and gamification.

His Master’s thesis explored the relative effectiveness of a flipped classroom / active learning pedagogy compared to a lecture based pedagogy for information literacy instruction using a mixed-method research design. Rich is part of the UVic Speakers Bureau, and has presented at a number of higher education technology conferences across north america over the years. In 2008 he founded an open source project called OpenExpert.org. With many years experience as a systems administrator, Rich has significant web and mobile web app development experience using linux, apache, mysql, php, python, and javascript. To learning more about him, visit his blog at http://richmccue.com

Dr. Tim Pelton


Tim Pelton is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. He teaches classes on mathematics pedagogy and educational technology. His research interests include: the creation and evaluation of educational apps; the application of appropriate technologies to enhance the teaching and learning process (e.g., clickers, iPads, GPS, 3D printing etc.); and the use of creative apps on iPads to engage students in problem solving, communicating, reasoning and representing their understandings through virtual manipulatives, comics and video artifacts.

Colleen Politano

Colleen Politano

Colleen Politano is known for sharing a wealth of ideas that are PRACTICAL and POSSIBLE. Participants appreciate her sense of humor and sensible, realistic approach. She is an experienced teacher who has presented sessions to teachers and PARENTS across Canada and the USA. The co-author of 15 professional books, her enthusiastic approach to helping all kids do and be their best is contagious.